Download E-books Exalted 2nd Storytellers Companion PDF

Construction is a deadly position, and there are not any extra strong magnets for probability than the again sun Exalted. With an inventory of enemies relationship again to the 1st Age, the Lawgivers could be hardpressed to outlive lengthy sufficient to set the area aright. in fact, the single factor the Solars are higher at than making enemies is forging alliances. If the Solars can reach making extra acquaintances than enemies during this Time of Tumult, possibly a brand new golden age can be equipped in spite of everything.

This publication contains:

An exhaustive breakdown of the 5 Exalted kinds, their powers, their motivations and the army forces they might deliver to undergo

The Mandate of Heaven ideas, which enable avid gamers to play out the destiny of countries

greater than 30 Exalt templates, whole with allure programs, from which Storytellers may perhaps quick build antagonists for any Exalted sequence

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Download E-books GURPS Magic PDF

By Steve Jackson

Out of Print

Now on hand in softcover (at a reduce price!), this booklet is totally revised for GURPS Fourth variation. It combines the spells from the 3rd version GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire, plus dozens of all-new spells, for the last word tome of magic!

Within those pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll find:

* The middle magic process for GURPS, increasing at the fabric offered within the uncomplicated Set . . . ideas for studying magic, casting spells, captivating magic goods, and more!
* entire alchemy principles . . . developing magical elixirs, utilizing them, or even discovering new ones . . . with an intensive checklist of identified elixirs and their powers.
* choices to the middle magic procedure, together with entire ideas for improvised magic and rune magic. There also are guidance for the GM who desires to switch how magic works particularly worlds in a multi-world campaign.
* Plus exact fabric from the GURPS Magic goods sequence and Wizards.

This is a robust booklet, certainly. Use it correctly.

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Download E-books Werewolf: the Forsaken PDF

By Matthew McFarland, Carl Bowen, Adam Tinworth, James Kiley, Rick Jones

Complete Moon Rising

The global is in shadow. to 1 facet stretches the woodland, to the opposite town. Your claws are stained with blood. Your senses whisper of prey that runs ahead of you, and of predators who stalk even the likes of you. You listen the howls of your brothers and sisters. Luna rises. Your blood boils. it's time to hunt.

Wolves on the Door

Werewolf: The Forsaken the sport of bestial violence and supernatural terror is the second one center atmosphere sourcebook meant to be used with White Wolf's new Storytelling System™. Werewolves are creatures of unique sin, tainted through ancestral crimes and pushed to seek through the disgrace of being deserted. This publication info what it really is to be Forsaken, one of many Tribes of the Moon. Create your individual werewolf pack and search redemption or supply in on your savage nature.

For use with the realm of Darkness Rulebook.

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Download E-books Dragons of the East (Mage: The Ascension) PDF

By Bryan Armor, Ellen Kiley, Christine Gregory, Steve Long, Malcom Sheppard

With phrases of Thunder

Shinto monks. Shaolin clergymen. Ninja clans. Confucian sages. Hindu fakirs. Asia is a brilliant dragon, sleeping because it awaits the turning of the age. lengthy have the folk of Asia recognized magical secrets and techniques. throughout the mists of shrouded legends, they've got witnessed the powers of spirits, dragons, feng shui and chi energy.
We Shake the Pillars of Heaven!

Here Mage gamers and Storytellers will locate not just information regarding the heritage of Asiatic mages just like the Akashic Brotherhood and the Wu Lung, yet of different hidden teams within the a long way East, in addition to the precise magic of Asia. the following finally are entire principles for the original sorcery of Asia, plus its unusual spirits and creatures, magical artifacts and hidden risks.

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Download E-books Guide to the Traditions (Mage: The Ascension) PDF

By Richard Taylor, John Snead, Zach Bush, Bryan Armor, David Wendt, David Bolack, Lynn Davis, Kevin A. Murphy, David Weinstein

Protecting the World's Magic Alive

We continue alive the outdated methods. We take into account the times while magic flowed around the Earth and desires strode in hosts with spirits. for everyone who believes in an international past cause, we're the illumination, instructor and father or mother. even if beset by way of unbelief and torn through dissent, we stand jointly as courses to the shining. Ascension to which humanity could attempt. if you happen to yearn for wish, in case you search to switch wretchedness with thought and also you are able to switch the area, you may be one among us.

Nine Traditions, endless Possibilities

A definitive examine the Traditions as a complete - how the Council features, who'll take cost with the lack of Masters, what innovations ensure the allocation of chantries and Wonders. among the jobs for up and coming Disciples and the issues dealing with the twenty first century lie a bunch of reports ready to be informed.

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Download E-books Isengard and Northern Gondor (MERP ICE #2800) PDF

By Christian Gehman

Includes full-color quarter map of NORTHERN GONDOR, full-color cutaway view and flooring plan of ORTHANC, 2 entire urban plans, complete description of SARUMAN, herb lists and political intrigue, HELM'S DEEP & a lot more.

The fort of Isengard was once outfitted through the Númenórians in a sheltered valley on the southern limits of the Misty Mountains. Its major function used to be to guard the distance of Calenardhon and the Fords of Isen opposed to assaults by way of Sauron's forces. Self-sufficient and enchanted, it later grew to become the almost impregnable fort of Saruman the White. No spire in Middle-earth was once more desirable, shop the darkish Tower of Mordor.

ISENGARD and northern Gondor includes:

- eight FULL-COLOR PAGES: a 2-page local map, maps of Calmirië (Aldburg) and Dunlostir , plus four pages at the Tower of Orthanc
- significant LAYOUTS: The Underground degrees of Orthanc, The access Passage, and The Hornburg
- THE citadel OF ISENGARD: one of many maximum architectural creations in all of Middle-earth
- different population OF THE zone: The Calenardhrons, The Dunlendings, and the Drúedain

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Download E-books Don't Rest Your Head: A Game of Insomnia in the Mad City PDF

By Fred Hicks

You can't sleep. It begun like that for we all, again after we have been backyard kind insomniacs. possibly you had nightmares (God understands all of us do now), or perhaps you simply had difficulties that wouldn't allow you to sleep. Hell, perhaps you have been simply over-caffienated. yet then whatever clicked.

That was once if you took a protracted stroll down the streets of the Mad urban, stopped being a Sleeper, and began being wakeful. yet that click on you heard wasn't from the key international snapping into position. It was once the sound of the Nightmares flicking off the security and pointing a gun at your head.

They can odor you. The Paper Boys are final in, and you'd greater pray you don't develop into a headline. You're buddy within the water, my pal, and it's time you were given prepared for it... ahead of the clock chimes 13 back. Now that you're one among us, there's only one basic rule left that needs to dominate your life.

Stay wakeful. Don't leisure Your Head.

Don’t relaxation Your Head is a graceful, harmful little video game, the place your gamers are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, struggling with — and utilizing — exhaustion and insanity to stick alive, and unsleeping for only one extra evening, in a fact long gone approach incorrect referred to as the Mad urban.

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Download E-books Hands of the Healer (MERP ICE #2026) PDF

By Mark R. Feil

"Once extra Aragorn bruised leaves of athelas and forged them into the steaming water; and he laved her forehead with it, and her correct arm mendacity chilly and nerveless at the coverlet. Then, no matter if Aragorn had certainly a few forgotten energy of Westernesse, or even if it used to be yet his phrases of the woman Éowyn that wrought them, because the candy effect of the herb stole in regards to the chamber it looked as if it would those that stood through willing wind blew during the window, and it bore no smell, yet used to be an air totally clean and fresh and younger, as though it had no longer been breathed by way of any residing factor and got here new-made from snowy mountains excessive underneath a dome of stars, or from beaches of silver far-off washed through seas of froth. 'Awake, Éowyn, girl of Rohan!' acknowledged Aragorn back, and he took her correct hand in his and felt it hot with existence returning." - The go back of the King

The therapeutic direction is without doubt one of the so much respected callings individual could aspire to in Middle-earth; it's also probably the most valued professions between adventurers - women and men who face probability and the possibility of damage each day in their lives.

Hands of the Healer fleshes out a kind of professions mainly selected by means of myth players, no matter if as characters to be performed or NPCs to be looked for their quintessential providers. both necessary to either avid gamers and gamemasters, this tome presents almost every thing you will in all likelihood need to know approximately Middle-earth's healers and their craft.

Hand of the Healer features:

- fifty six personality improvement applications - instructions for developing MERP healers (including conversions for the Rolemaster typical approach) from over forty unique cultures. you can now tackle the function of a Northman shaman, a Black Númenórean necromantic priest, an Easterling Night-warder, or a Southron court docket health practitioner - each one with particular talents and therapeutic magic!
- NEW scientific talents - With the four new MERP/RMSS abilities of Physic, surgical procedure, Apothecary and Midwifery, you'll be able to confront any kind of harm or disease on your experience campaign.
- STATIC MANEUVER desk - numerous of the hot abilities and therapeutic powers defined during this ebook are followed via tables for MERP and RMSS, that you can immediately be certain maneuver effects despite which video game process you're using.
- 296 HERBS, CURATIVES AND POISONS - the biggest compendium of medicinals and poisons ever assembled for a fable function taking part in video game, this exhaustive encyclopedia is the last word reference software for herbs and different healing elements, akin to athelas, miruvor or lembas. The compendium references each therapeutic herb or poison that has ever seemed within the Middle-earth sequence up to now, together with sixty seven solely new entries. All are listed in line with surroundings (mountains, forests, deserts, etc.), therapeutic class (life renovation, actual enhancement, floor fix, etc.) and trade names (Westron, Elvish, etc.).
- MECCG situations - test your therapeutic hand with "The homes of Healing" and "Ioreth's Escort," new eventualities to be used with ICE's Middle-earth Collectible Card video game. encompasses a dozen new MECCG websites for informal play.

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Download E-books Rage Across Egypt (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) PDF

By Chris Howard, Matthew McFarland


For hundreds of thousands of years, the Silent Striders were compelled to wander faraway from their native land. Exiled via the curse of an historical vampire, they've been uanble to come to their territory of Egypt, as an alternative roaming the roads and byways of the remainder of the realm. Now because the global urns towards Apocalypse, issues will be poised to alter. The Silent Striders simply can be coming home.


For 4 thousand years, vampires and werewolves were at odds in Egypt. during this, the 12 months of the Scarab complement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. it's the werewolves' flip to pursue the mysteries of the Nile Valley. Rage throughout Egypt finds the Garou's shadow struggle opposed to the vampires of Egypt, the horrors of Jackal Fever, the schemes of the Fera, the paranormal Twelve homes of the Underworld, and masses extra. Come and notice what lies underneath the sands....

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