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By Albert W. A. Schmid

As soon as regarded as purely the tipple of southern gents and the better half of accomplice roughnecks, bourbon has won a gradual resurgence in acceptance through the years with an ever-expanding and various viewers. A beverage distilled virtually solely in Kentucky, bourbon has attained prominence and appreciation for its complexity, historical past, and culture.
In The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, Albert Schmid offers readers with the easiest recipes utilizing the recognized spirit of the Bluegrass. From vintage Kentucky cocktails similar to the Mint Julep, to bourbon encouraged truffles, comparable to Bourbon-Pecan Crème Brulée with Chocolate Sauce, and extra savory fare, reminiscent of Steaks with Bourbon Ginger Sauce, this ebook provides recipes for each path. Schmid makes use of the 4 specified seasons of the Bluegrass kingdom to steer the reader via this wealthy selection of bourbon dishes and colour photos. in lots of methods a lesson at the taste profiles that pair with and enhance the flavour of bourbon, this publication can be utilized through the house prepare dinner and the pro chef alike for thought to create new dishes. even more than simply a cookbook, The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook recounts bourbon lore, foodstuff traditions, and Kentucky historical past, giving the reader a whole appreciation of America's local spirit.

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Indb 119 6/21/10 6:50 PM Schmid_BOOK_CS4. indb a hundred and twenty 6/21/10 6:50 PM glossary anisette   A primary identify for an anise-and-licorice-flavored liqueur, often referred to as anis. applejack  American brandy distilled from apple wine; sometimes called apple brandy. aqua vitae   Latin for “water of life”; occasionally nonetheless used to consult distilled drinks. barbeque   a mode of cooking foodstuff (mostly meat) with gasoline, coals, or wooden and using a rub, a marinade, or a sauce. bitters   Distilled spirits containing an infusion of a ordinary bittering compound, comparable to herbs, roots, or barks; often referred to as a digestive reduction simply because bitters are inclined to soothe and chill out the tummy. Bitters are one of the unique elements used to make a cocktail, besides a spirit (whiskey, rum, and so forth. ), sugar, and water. bourbon   An American whisk(e)y made predominantly from corn below particular directions, together with using new oak barrels. beurre blanc   An emulsified white butter sauce made with butter, white wine aid, and shallots and customarily served with seafood. caramelize  prepare dinner sugar until eventually it starts to brown. Sugar of 1 sort or one other is located in lots of meals and may reason browning because the nutrition chefs. cocktail   a category of alcoholic beverage within which a distilled spirit is blended with different flavorings akin to juice, fruit, or soda to make the ultimate beverage ahead of it really is served. initially a beverage used to be thought of a cocktail provided that it contained a spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. cointreau   A top class, brand-name, triple sec or orange-flavored liqueur made of sour oranges. Cointreau orange liqueur was once first offered by means of brothers Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau in 1875. kingdom ham  A salt-cured ham which can or will not be hardwood-smoked. often referred to as Virginia ham. deglaze   get rid of the cooked-on bits on the backside of a pan with the addition of liquid. eau de vie   French for “water of life”; in most cases refers to grape brandies. 121 Schmid_BOOK_CS4. indb 121 6/21/10 6:50 PM flame   Burn off alcohol by way of lighting fixtures with a fit. also known as flaming and flambé and utilized in either tableside cooking and drink presentation. warning: whilst flaming any alcoholic beverage, be cautious to constantly tip the pan clear of you. grog   initially a drink of rum and water named for Admiral Edward Vernon. Admiral Vernon required his males to drink the combination on a daily basis to thrust back scurvy. His males known as the admiral “Old Grog” as a result of his coat made up of grogram, a rough textile woven from wool and silk. The admiral additionally lends his identify to the Washington relatives place of dwelling, Mount Vernon. American sailors have been repeatedly served grog until eventually September 1, 1862. tough crack level   an outline of sugar that has turn into difficult by means of being heated to 295–310 levels after which cooled. madeira  A fortified wine made at the island of Madeira. The wine is fortified with brandy, in order that the alcohol content material is elevated to among 17 percentage and 20 percentage by way of quantity. The 5 forms of Madeira, from sweetest to driest, are Malmsey, Bual, Rainwater, Verdelho, and Sercial.

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