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By Hanshan, Red Pine

A Zen-Taoist poetry vintage, in a good-looking Chinese-English format

This definitive translation of Han Shan’s poetry looks in a bilingual Chinese-English layout. integrated are wide notes, a preface by way of popular translator crimson Pine, a findings record, and pictures of the cave and surrounding zone the place Han Shan (“Cold Mountain”) lived.

Cold Mountain is likely one of the so much respected poets in China. He used to be a Taoist/Buddhist hermit who begged for nutrition at temples, usually sang and drank with cowherds, and have become an immortal determine within the background of chinese language literature and Zen. His poems have been written twelve-hundred years in the past at the rocks, bushes, and temple partitions of China’s Tientai Mountains. This revised version additionally comprises poems by means of Han Shan’s colleagues, Pickup (Shih-te) and large Stick (Feng-kan), translated right here for the 1st time.

As pink Pine starts his Preface, “If China’s literary critics have been installed cost of organizing a tea for his or her country’s maximum poets of the prior, chilly Mountain wouldn't be on many invitation lists. but no different poet occupies the altars of China’s temples and shines, the place his statue frequently stands along immortals and bodhisattvas. he's both respected in Korea and Japan. And whilst Jack Kerouac committed The Dharma Bums to him in 1958, chilly Mountain turned the mum or dad angel of a iteration of Westerners as well.”

Reviews of purple Pine's Collected Songs of chilly Mountain:

”The translator’s preface describes his rendition of the lifetime of chilly Mountain, supplying a good old and philosophical context for the straightforward but profound poems attributed to the poet."—Library Journal

“These are poems one needs to style absolutely and drink whole... The poems of Han-shan learn like a magazine or memoir, and so they frequently paintings as Zen koans, difficult the brain to head past the phrases and reason.”—Parabola

“Red Pine... has given us the 1st complete number of Han Shan’s songs in an idiom that's transparent, sleek, and impartial sufficient to last... His translations are exact and replicate the song of the originals... The amassed Songs of chilly Mountain is a substantial functionality and a very worthwhile publication. because of Copper Canyon's excessive criteria of bookmaking, it's appealing to carry and behold; because of pink Pine’s care, it is going to live on because the definitive textual content of Han Shan in English for a few years. It belongs at the shelf of every person with an curiosity in poetry and... may be opened often."—The Bloomsbury Review

“An beautiful book that captures the Taoist perform of passionate awareness, of being nonetheless within and secure within the comforts and discomforts round you, going nowhere else... we find this within the poet’s imaginative and prescient and spirit, within the precision and stability of the translator’s scholarship and center, and within the stylish barren region of the bookmaker’s artwork round them. On each point it is a attractive book.”—Judges’ reviews on awarding the WESTAF Award in Translation

“Cold Mountain’s colloquial poetry...sound like encouraged raps—marvelously direct, with skips, jumps, verbal nudges and abrupt revelations... the quantity is fantastically produced, with a protracted and cautious introduction... this can be an crucial book.”—The Berkeley Monthly

“More than an individual else, pink Pine has made [Han Shan’s] spontaneous poems available to Western readers... during this new, improved variation, priceless notes and an intensive new serious preface supply a contextual understanding, not only for the poems, yet for his or her resources in Buddhist and Confucian culture.”—Inquiring Mind

Red Pine is among the world’s prime translators of chinese language literary and non secular texts. His different translations contain Lao-tzu’s Taoteching (isbn 9781556592904) and Poems of the Masters: China’s vintage Anthology of T’ang and Sung Dynasty Verse (isbn 9781556591952).

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