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Simon. iCon: Steve Jobs, the best moment Act within the background of industrial. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2005. 289. five. Charles Arthur. “Technology targeted: The guru: Steve Jobs. ” The self sustaining (London, England). 29 Oct. 2005. three could 2007 . • 109 • Essential Lives Index Allen, Paul, 35 Altair 8800, 31–32 Apple I, forty Apple II, nine, 41–42, forty six Apple desktop Inc. , 36, 38–44, 46–53, 86, ninety three emblem, forty two inventory, forty four, 50, fifty seven, seventy one, seventy nine shops, seventy three Apple Inc. , ninety four Apple Lisa, 47–48, 50 Atari, 28, forty two Hawkins, journey, forty seven Heath corporation, 18 HeathKits, 18–19 Hewlett, invoice, 19 Hewlett-Packard, 18, 24, 32, forty-one Hill, Mrs. , 17 Hoff, Ted, 23 Homebrew machine membership, 32, 38, forty domicile highschool, 22–23 uncomplicated, 33, 35, forty Berg, Paul, 57–58, sixty one Berners-Lee, Tim, sixty three, sixty nine Breakout, forty two Cassidy & eco-friendly (C & G), 88 Canon, 60, sixty two Carlisle, Tom, seventy three Catmull, Ed, 77–79 desktop Animation creation approach (CAPS), eighty one Cringely, Robert X. , 31 Disney, seventy seven, eighty, 82–83 Fadell, Tony, 88–89 Fanning, Shawn, ninety Fernandez, invoice, 20 Gates, invoice, 33, 35, seventy one Germany, 28 graphical person interface (GUI), forty seven, forty nine IBM workstation, forty six, sixty seven iBook, seventy four iMac, sixty eight, 71–73, seventy four India, 28 Intel 8080, 31, forty Intel company, 23, 31–32 net, sixty nine, ninety three iPhone, 7–9 iPod, 88–90, ninety three iTunes, 90–94 Jandali, Adbulfattah John, 15 Jobs, Clara (mother), 15–16, 39 Jobs, Laurence Powell (wife), eighty one, eighty two Jobs, Patricia “Patty” (sister), 15, 39 Jobs, Paul (father), 15–17, 18 Jobs, Steve beginning, 15 adolescence, 15–20 schooling, 24–27 marriage, eighty one Kennedy, John F. , 32 • one hundred ten • Steve Jobs LaBarre, Polly, seventy nine Lang, Larry, 18 Lasseter, John, 82–83 Pogue, David, 7 well known Electronics, 32, 35 Macintosh computing device, 27, 49–50, sixty seven, seventy one, seventy three, ninety four energy Macintosh, seventy three Macworld Expo, eight, seventy four, 88 Markkula, Mike, 40–41 McCollum, John, 23–24 Menlo Park, 32 Microsoft net Explorer, seventy one Microsoft, 10, 35, sixty three, sixty six, 70–71 MITS, 31 Mountain View, California, 15 MP3, 87, 90–92 Napster, ninety, ninety two nationwide technology starting place, sixty nine Newton PDA, sixty nine, 87 subsequent, 53–54, 56–60, sixty four, eighty subsequent dice, sixty one NeXTstation, sixty two, NeXTSTEP software program, sixty three Noyce, Robert, 23 object-oriented programming (OOP), sixty one Oregon, 25, 28, 36 Palo Alto, California, 22, 39, forty seven Pepsi Co. Inc, 50–51 Perot, Ross, fifty nine Pixar, seventy seven, 79–81, 82–84 Raskin, Jef, forty nine Reed university, 24–27 RenderMan software program, eighty one Roberts, Ed, 35 Roizen, Heidi, sixty seven Schieble, Joanne, 15 Scott, Michael, forty-one, 43–44, forty eight Sculley, John, 50–54, fifty seven Silicon Valley, 18, 22 Simpson, Mona, 15 Smith, Alvy Ray, 77–79, eighty SoundJam MP, 88 Stanford college, 22, fifty three, fifty eight sunlight Microsystems, sixty two Taylor, William C. , seventy nine Tesler, Larry, eleven Thewlis, David, ninety Toy tale, 80–83 television jammer, 19 college of California, Berkeley, 19 Wayne, Ron, forty West Coast computing device reasonable, forty two Wozniak, Steve “Woz,” 19, 20, 23, 25, 28, 32–36, 39–41, forty two Xerox, forty seven, forty nine, seventy seven Yosemite nationwide Park, eighty one • 111 • Essential Lives in regards to the writer Scott Gillam is a former English instructor and editor of social reports and language arts textbooks. A graduate of Haverford collage, he has an MA from the college of Pennsylvania and served as an schooling officer with the Peace Corps in Kenya.

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