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By Satya Avasarala

Key Features

  • Covers uncomplicated to complex recommendations of WebDriver
  • Learn how one can layout a more beneficial automation framework
  • Explores the entire APIs inside of WebDriver
  • Acquire an in-depth knowing of every idea via functional code examples

Book Description

Selenium WebDriver is an open resource net UI automation software applied via a browser-specific browser motive force, which sends instructions to a browser and retrieves results.

Selenium WebDriver useful consultant will consultant you thru a number of the APIs of WebDriver which can be utilized in automation assessments, via a dialogue of some of the WebDriver implementations on hand. This advisor will aid you by way of providing you entry to resource code fi les, together with the basic HTML fi les, that let you paintings with jQuery and different examples through the publication. eventually, you are going to obtain an in-depth rationalization of the way to accommodate the most recent gains of WebDriver via step by step functional tutorials.

What you are going to Learn

  • Learn the fundamental layout of Selenium WebDriver and know the way it overcomes the constraints of its predecessor
  • Set up and use Selenium Grid
  • Discover many of the mechanisms used to find net elements
  • Perform complicated activities comparable to drag-and-drop, double-click, right-click, and motion developers on net pages
  • Explore the complicated positive factors of WebDriver comparable to dealing with cookies, taking screenshotsmanaging timeouts, and browser navigations
  • Acquire an figuring out of many of the WebDriver implementations reminiscent of Firefox driving force, IE driving force, and Chrome Driver
  • Explore WebDriver EventListeners
  • Design potent automation frameworks utilizing the PageObject pattern
  • Learn find out how to take care of the newest gains of WebDriver

About the Author

Satya Avasarala has wealthy adventure in Java improvement and automation trying out. he's an engineer in machine technology. He has used WebDriver for a few years now and has created a number of reliable automation frameworks. He has labored at a number of huge software program organizations corresponding to Oracle Corp, Yahoo! Inc., VMware Inc., and the REA Group.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing WebDriver and WebElements
  2. Exploring complex Interactions of WebDriver
  3. Exploring the positive factors of WebDriver
  4. Different on hand WebDrivers
  5. Understanding WebDriver Events
  6. Dealing with I/O
  7. Exploring RemoteWebDriver and WebDriverBackedSelenium
  8. Understanding Selenium Grid
  9. Understanding PageObject Pattern
  10. Testing iOS and Android Apps

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Io. BufferedWriter; import java. io. dossier; import java. io. FileWriter; import import import import org. openqa. selenium. through; org. openqa. selenium. Cookie; org. openqa. selenium. WebDriver; org. openqa. selenium. firefox. FirefoxDriver; public type StoreCookieInfo { public static void main(String... args) { WebDriver motive force = new FirefoxDriver(); driving force. get("http://www. fb. com"); motive force. findElement(By. name("email")). sendKeys("<>"); driving force. findElement(By. name("pass")). sendKeys("<>"); motive force. findElement(By. name("persistent")). click(); motive force. findElement(By. name("pass")). submit(); dossier f = new File("browser. data"); try out{ f. delete(); f. createNewFile(); FileWriter fos = new FileWriter(f); BufferedWriter bos = new BufferedWriter(fos); [ seventy four ] Chapter three for(Cookie ck : driving force. manage(). getCookies()) { bos. write((ck. getName()+";"+ck. getValue()+";"+ck. getDomain() +";"+ck. getPath()+";"+ck. getExpiry()+";"+ck. isSecure())); bos. newLine(); } bos. flush(); bos. close(); fos. close(); }catch(Exception ex){ ex. printStackTrace(); } } } any longer, for each try case or a suite of attempt instances, load the cookie info from the browser. information dossier, and upload it to the driving force utilizing the next approach: driving force. manage(). addCookie(ck); once you upload this data on your browser consultation and visit the fb web page, it is going to instantly redirect you to the house web page with no soliciting for a login, hence fending off a login whenever for each try out case. The code that provides all the prior cookies to the driving force is as follows: package deal com. packt. webdriver. chapter3; import import import import import java. io. BufferedReader; java. io. dossier; java. io. FileReader; java. util. Date; java. util. StringTokenizer; import org. openqa. selenium. Cookie; import org. openqa. selenium. WebDriver; import org. openqa. selenium. firefox. FirefoxDriver; public category LoadCookieInfo { public static void main(String... args){ WebDriver motive force = new FirefoxDriver(); driving force. get("http://www. fb. com"); try out{ [ seventy five ] Exploring the gains of WebDriver dossier f = new File("browser. data"); FileReader fr = new FileReader(f2); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); String line; while((line=br. readLine())! =null){ StringTokenizer str = new StringTokenizer(line,";"); while(str. hasMoreTokens()){ String identify = str. nextToken(); String price = str. nextToken(); String area = str. nextToken(); String course = str. nextToken(); Date expiry = null; String dt; if(! (dt=str. nextToken()). equals("null")){ expiry = new Date(dt); } boolean isSecure = new Boolean(str. nextToken()). booleanValue(); Cookie ck = new Cookie(name,value,domain,path,expi ry,isSecure); motive force. manage(). addCookie(ck); } } }catch(Exception ex){ ex. printStackTrace(); } driving force. get("http://www. fb. com"); } } hence, we will be at once taken to the house web page with out logging in time and again. in the event you become aware of, after growing the motive force example, we've got the next line: motive force. get("http://www. fb. com"); preferably, this line will be obvious when we have set the cookies to the motive force.

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