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By Joanne Berry, Philip Matyszak

One hundred biographies display the mightiest civilization of the traditional international throughout the lives of its citizens.

At its top Rome's empire stretched throughout Europe, Africa, and the center East, but it all started as a primitive encampment above a riverside marsh. This booklet spans the nice chronological and geographical sweep of the Roman age and brings the reader nose to nose with those that helped create the empire, from consuls and commanders to dull squaddies, electorate, and taxpayers.

An outstanding diversity of viewpoints is explored in those biographies. A centurion and a plasterer's spouse percentage pages with the orator Cicero and the student Pliny the Elder, whereas a vestal virgin stocks a bankruptcy with Antinous, the boy-lover of Hadrian. Augustine, the church patriarch, and Constantine, Rome's first "Christian" emperor, rub shoulders with Julian the Apostate and Vettius Agorius Praetextatus, chief of the pagans.

Roman ladies have been the main liberated within the historical global. they can wield titanic energy and impression, but are usually neglected. Meet Servilia, Caesar's lover; Sulpicia, the teenage poet; Amazonia, the sword-swinging gladiator; and Cloelia, the woman who escaped captivity through swimming the Tiber.

Lavishly illustrated with very good artistic endeavors, together with images, sculptures, and Renaissance work of Roman scenes, this ebook unearths the real-life tales in the back of the increase and fall of Rome.

Philip Matyszak teaches Roman background for the Institute of constant schooling at Cambridge. He has written broadly at the historical global. Joanne Berry teaches historic heritage at Swansea collage and is the writer of The entire Pompeii.

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In regards to the Authors Philip Matyszak has a doctorate in Roman background from St John’s university, Oxford, and is the writer of Chronicle of the Roman Republic, The Enemies of Rome, The Sons of Caesar and old Rome on 5 Denarii an afternoon. He teaches an e-learning direction on old Rome for the Institute of continuous schooling at Cambridge college. Joanne Berry has a doctorate in Classics from the college of analyzing and is the writer of Unpeeling Pompeii and the full Pompeii. She teaches historical historical past and archaeology at Swansea collage. different titles by way of Philip Matyszak released through Thames & Hudson contain: historic Rome on 5 Denarii an afternoon Chronicle of the Roman Republic: The Rulers of old Rome from Romulus to Augustus The Enemies of Rome: From Hannibal to Attila the Hun Gladiator: The Roman Fighter's (Unofficial) handbook Legionary: The Roman Soldier's (Unofficial) guide The Sons of Caesar: Imperial Rome's First Dynasty different titles through Joanne Berry released by way of Thames & Hudson comprise: the whole Pompeii the entire Roman Legions different titles of curiosity released by means of Thames & Hudson contain: Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-by-Reign checklist of the Rulers of Imperial Rome Lives of the traditional Egyptians Roman Britain: a brand new heritage The Romans Who formed Britain See our web pages www. thamesandhudson. com www. thamesandhudsonusa. com CONTENTS PORTRAIT OF A humans half 1| Royal topics to Republican electorate 753–300 BC 1FAUSTULUS The shepherd who followed Romulus and Remus 2TITUS TATIUS Outraged Sabine father 3TANAQUIL King-maker 4SERVIUS TULLIUS From captive to king 5BRUTUS Liberator of Rome 6LUCRETIA excellent Roman matron 7CLOELIA the lady who defied Lars Porsenna 8VINDICIUS The slave who betrayed a conspiracy 9CINCINNATUS From ploughman to dictator 10VERGINIUS Centurion and innovative 11MARCUS MANLIUS Defender of the Capitol 12TITUS MANLIUS A soldier killed on his father’s orders 13DECIUS MUS Self-sacrifice to the gods half 2| From Italians to Romans 300–88 BC 14REGULUS Crucified normal 15FABIUS PICTOR Rome’s first historian 16PLAUTUS Roman playwright 17CATO THE ELDER A pillar of advantage 18FABIUS MAXIMUS the final who not on time Hannibal 19CLAUDIUS MARCELLUS Besieger of Syracuse 20QUINCTIUS CRISPINUS Duel to the demise with an previous pal 21LAELIUS pal of Scipio Africanus 22SPURIUS LIGUSTINUS a typical soldier who labored his means up the ranks 23CORNELIA mom of the Gracchi 24RUTILIUS RUFUS The perils of advantage 25SULLA The Roman who conquered Rome 26STABERIUS EROS Schoolteacher 27PASITELES Roman sculptor half three| existence in bothered instances 88 BC–AD 14 28HORTENSIUS King of the courts 29CICERO Rome’s maximum orator 30VERRES Rapacious governor of Sicily 31CATILINE Decadent progressive 32SALLUST upset demagogue 33TIRO Cicero’s slave and amanuensis 34CLODIA Aristocrat and wild baby 35ATTICUS pal to the strong 36SERVILIA Caesar’s lover, Brutus’ mom 37JULIUS CAESAR Glory and infamy 38HORACE Poet and freedman’s son 39AUGUSTUS grasp of the empire 40AGRIPPA Augustus’ second-in-command 41JULIUS ZOILOS Octavian’s dependable freedman 42NONIUS BALBUS Benefactor of Herculaneum 43LIVY Historian of Rome 44EUMACHIA First woman of Pompeii 45HILARION OF OXYRHYNCHUS Killing a woman baby 46VIRGIL Rome’s maximum poet half four| Romans and Caesars advert 14–75 47SULPICIA Teenage poet 48ANTONIA AUGUSTA Imperial matriarch 49SEJANUS Tiberius’ sinister henchman 50PONTIUS PILATE Governor of Judaea 51CALIGULA undesirable or mad?

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