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By Gerald Carter

Be extra effective and make your lifestyles more straightforward. that is what LDAP method Administration is all about.System directors usually spend loads of time dealing with configuration info situated on many alternative machines: usernames, passwords, printer configurations, e mail patron configurations, and community filesystem configurations, to call a number of. LDAPv3 presents instruments for centralizing the entire configuration info and putting it less than your keep watch over. instead of keeping numerous administrative databases (NIS, energetic listing, Samba, and NFS configuration files), you may make alterations in just one position and feature all of your structures instantly "see" the up to date information.Practically platform autonomous, this ebook makes use of the commonly to be had, open resource OpenLDAP 2 listing server as a premise for examples, displaying you the way to take advantage of it that will help you deal with your configuration details successfully and securely. OpenLDAP 2 ships with so much Linux® distributions and Mac OS® X, and will be simply downloaded for many Unix-based platforms. After introducing the workings of a listing provider and the LDAP protocol, all features of establishing and fitting OpenLDAP, plus key ancillary applications like SASL and OpenSSL, this publication discusses:

  • Configuration and entry control
  • Distributed directories; replication and referral
  • Using OpenLDAP to switch NIS
  • Using OpenLDAP to regulate e mail configurations
  • Using LDAP for abstraction with FTP and HTTP servers, Samba, and Radius
  • Interoperating with assorted LDAP servers, together with lively Directory
  • Programming utilizing Net::LDAP

If you need to be a grasp of your area, LDAP procedure Administration may also help you wake up and operating speedy despite which LDAP model you employ. After analyzing this ebook, inspite of no earlier LDAP adventure, you'll combine a listing server into crucial community companies comparable to mail, DNS, HTTP, and SMB/CIFS.

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Three. details Migration 6. four. The pam_ldap Module 6. four. 1. Configuring /etc/ldap. conf 6. five. The nss_ldap Module 6. 6. OpenSSH, PAM, and NSS 6. 7. Authorization via PAM 6. 7. 1. One Host and a bunch of clients 6. 7. 2. One consumer and a gaggle of Hosts 6. eight. Netgroups 6. nine. protection 6. 10. Automount Maps 6. eleven. PADL's NIS/LDAP Gateway 7. electronic mail and LDAP 7. 1. Representing clients 7. 2. e-mail consumers and LDAP 7. 2. 1. Mozilla Mail 7. 2. 2. Pine four 7. 2. three. Eudora 7. 2. four. Microsoft Outlook convey 7. three. Mail move brokers (MTAs) 7. three. 1. Sendmail 7. three. 2. Postfix 7. three. three. Exim eight. normal Unix providers and LDAP eight. 1. The listing Namespace eight. 2. An FTP/HTTP blend eight. 2. 1. ProFTPD eight. 2. 2. Apache eight. three. consumer Authentication with Samba eight. three. 1. Configuring Samba eight. three. 2. including and utilizing a sambaAccount eight. four. FreeRadius eight. four. 1. FreeRadius and OpenLDAP eight. five. Resolving Hosts eight. 6. crucial Printer administration nine. LDAP Interoperability nine. 1. Interoperability or Integration? nine. 2. listing Gateways nine. three. Cross-Platform Authentication prone nine. three. 1. a quick dialogue approximately Kerberos nine. four. dispensed, Multivendor Directories nine. five. Metadirectories nine. 6. Push/Pull brokers for listing Synchronization nine. 6. 1. The listing prone Markup Language 10. Net::LDAP and Perl 10. 1. The Net::LDAP Module 10. 2. Connecting, Binding, and looking 10. three. operating with Net::LDAP::LDIF 10. four. Updating the listing 10. four. 1. including New Entries 10. four. 2. Deleting Entries 10. four. three. editing Entries 10. five. complex Net::LDAP Scripting 10. five. 1. References and Referrals 10. five. 2. Scripting Authentication with SASL 10. five. three. Extensions and Controls III. Appendixes A. PAM and NSS A. 1. Pluggable Authentication Modules A. 1. 1. Configuring PAM A. 2. identify carrier change (NSS) B. OpenLDAP Command-Line instruments B. 1. Debugging techniques B. 2. Slap instruments B. 2. 1. slapadd(8c) B. 2. 2. slapcat(8c) B. 2. three. slapindex(8c) B. 2. four. slappasswd(8c) B. three. LDAP instruments B. three. 1. ldapadd(1), ldapmodify(1) B. three. 2. ldapcompare(1) B. three. three. ldapdelete(1) B. three. four. ldapmodrdn(1) B. three. five. ldappasswd(1) B. three. 6. ldapsearch(1) C. universal Attributes and items C. 1. Schema records C. 2. Attributes C. three. item periods D. LDAP RFCs, Internet-Drafts, and Mailing Lists D. 1. Requests for reviews D. 2. Mailing Lists E. slapd. conf ACLs E. 1. What? E. 2. Who? E. three. How a lot? E. four. Examples LDAP process management Gerald Carter Editor Mike Loukides Copyright © 2009 O'Reilly Media, Inc. O'Reilly Media * * * A observe relating to Supplemental records Supplemental records and examples for this e-book are available at http://examples. oreilly. com/9781565924918/. Please use a regular computer internet browser to entry those records, as they won't be obtainable from all ereader units. All code records or examples referenced within the ebook could be to be had on-line. For actual books that send with an accompanying disc, each time attainable, we’ve published all CD/DVD content material. notice that whereas we offer as a lot of the media content material as we're capable through unfastened obtain, we're occasionally constrained through licensing regulations.

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