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By Cricket Liu

If you are getting ready to roll out IPv6 in your community, this concise publication presents the necessities you want to aid this protocol with DNS. you will find out how DNS used to be prolonged to deal with IPv6 addresses, and the way you could configure a BIND identify server to run at the community. This booklet additionally good points tools for troubleshooting issues of IPv6 ahead- and reverse-mapping, and strategies for assisting islands of IPv6 consumers converse with IPv4 resources.

Topics include:

  • DNS and IPv6—Learn the constitution and illustration of IPv6 addresses, and the syntaxes of AAAA and PTR documents within the IPv6 reverse-mapping zone
  • BIND on IPv6—Use IPv6 addresses and networks in ACLs, and check in and delegate to IPv6-speaking identify servers
  • Resolver Configuration—Configure well known stub resolvers (Linux/Unix, MacOS X, and home windows) to question IPv6-speaking identify servers
  • DNS64—Learn in regards to the transition expertise that permits consumers with IPv6-only community stacks to speak with IPv4 servers
  • Troubleshooting—Use the nslookup and dig troubleshooting instruments to appear up the IPv6 addresses of a website identify, or reverse-map an IPv6 deal with to a website name

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Zero. 2. ip6. arpa IPv6 Documentation community 192. zero. 2/24 d. f. ip6. arpa specific neighborhood Addresses 10/8, and so on. (RFC 1918) eight. e. f. ip6. arpa Link-Local Addresses 169. 254/16 nine. e. f. ip6. arpa Link-Local Addresses 169. 254/16 a. e. f. ip6. arpa Link-Local Addresses 169. 254/16 b. e. f. ip6. arpa Link-Local Addresses 169. 254/16 BIND is sensible adequate to note if you’ve already configured your individual model of 1 of those reverse-mapping zones (even if the sector isn’t an authoritative sector, corresponding to a ahead or stub zone), so that you can simply override BIND’s empty zones. To disable person integrated empty zones with no developing specific sector statements for them, use the disable-empty-zone substatement, which takes as a controversy the area identify of the region to disable: techniques { disable-empty-zone "d. f. ip6. arpa"; }; To disable all integrated empty zones, you should use the empty-zones-enable substatement. via default, in fact, they’re enabled, so concepts { empty-zones-enable no; }; will disable them. you should use disable-empty-zone and empty-zones-enable as both recommendations or view substatements. bankruptcy 2. BIND on IPv6 sleek BIND nine identify servers contain whole help for IPv6, this means that not just dealing with queries that ask for the IPv6 addresses of a given area identify, but in addition responding to these queries over IPv6, in addition to querying different identify servers over IPv6. Listening for Queries by means of default, BIND nine identify servers won’t hear for queries that arrive on an IPv6 interface. to inform the identify server to hear on an IPv6 interface, use the listen-on-v6 substatement. the best kind of this substatement is: concepts { listen-on-v6 { any; }; }; which instructs the identify server to pay attention for queries on any IPv6 community interfaces configured at the host. if you want to be extra selective, you could specify a specific interface or specific interfaces: techniques { listen-on-v6 { 2001:db8:cafe:1::1; 2001:db8:cafe:2::1; }; }; you may also negate entries within the record and specify whole networks, during which case the identify server will pay attention on any interface at the matching community. if you would like your identify server to hear on a port except fifty three (the default), specify it instantly after listen-on-v6. Here’s an instance that includes all of those: suggestions { listen-on-v6 port 5353 { ! 2001:db8:cafe:1::1; 2001:db8:cafe::/64; }; }; This configures the identify server to hear on port 5353 on all interfaces with IPv6 addresses at the community 2001:db8:cafe::/64 (that is, the motion picture U. IPv6 community) other than the deal with 2001:db8:cafe:1::1. if you want to have your identify server pay attention on a number of ports while, simply use a number of listen-on-v6 substatements. you could simply use listen-on-v6 as an thoughts substatement, because it controls the habit of the whole named method. Sending Queries as soon as you’ve configured a reputation server to pay attention on an IPv6 interface, the identify server will instantly question different identify servers over IPv6 whilst precious. The resource IP handle of those queries relies on which interface the path to the queried identify server issues via.

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